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27/09/16 - I was a pupil from 1961 to 1966 when I jumped ship, as the academic world was clearly not for me. If it's of any interest to anyone I now live with my wife in France - and, yes, some of that French did stick and gave me a good start even after all these years. Incidentally, a chance meeting with a former classmate, Phillip Thomas, resulted in our use of his removals company to relocate here to France where we are now a well-integrated part of our small French community.   Graham White  
(Graham has supplied an expedition photo and words - see 'Other Clubs and Activities.)

05/05/14 - Do you remember 'the Hugo s' ? They had a tailor's business in the town. Ray (year of '34) sends his regards to any who would recall him and would welcome any peer contact   (just e-mail

09/10/07- Yet another USA resident here, this time one of the younger Old Boys, Kelvin Murray. I attended from 1966 until the closure of the school in 1971 and would be very interested in corresponding with former classmates. Please email me at Thank you everyone who has been instrumental in preparing and maintaining this web site.

13/03/07- Greetings from Texas - My name is Mike Keiller and I left IGS in 1968. I was a boarder at Cross House with Williams, Dickinson, Hopkins and Mathews. I was the kid who came from Kenya. I think I was 12 when I started but I believe it was 1963. I came late because my 11 plus results got lost between Africa and the UK. Some of my class mates were Baker, Bennet, Carbin, Cole, Cox, Crossman, Dale, Dickinson……. My Grandmother used to live in Chard. I travel to the UK and Europe several times a year so I will try to make the reunion in July. GMC Houston

03/01/07 - I was part of the 1950 intake who travelled in on the bus from Chard. Where are you, my old contemporaries? Have you all passed on? I left the School for a surveying career in London. I worked in London with BR, was based in Cheltenham with Whitbreads in the 80's, and finally ended up as Diocesan Surveyor for St Davids in West Wales. I am retired and live near Carmarthen. Two memories of the ACF come immediately to mind.There was a retired RSM from the Regular Army (his name escapes me) who came each week to teach drill. I shall always remember one of his comments whilst introducing us to rifle drill. 'Don't bother if you drop your rifle, we can always pick up the pieces and make them into a pistol!' We had a training week at an Army camp in Braunton in Devon. There were landing-craft on hand and it was decided to do some beach landing at Saunton Sands. Amongst the craft available was a DUKW amphibious vehicle. My pals and I made sure we got on that one, and, yes, we drove up the beach without getting our feet (and a lot else) wet. - Chris Bennett

30/05/06 - It’s 50 years since the class of 1956 joined IGS. Chris Virgin has been working hard to contact as many as possible to get a good turn out for the reunion on the 8th July and we have been successful with more than 20 from the year. It would be nice to establish contact with some of the others even if you are unable to attend. Please phone me on 0208 252 3477. Thanks . - Graham Brown (56 – 63)

30/04/05 - Dear all: I attended IGS 1960-67 as a boarder.I am now living in the Bahamas and over the last 25 years have lived and worked in Belize, Jamaica and Barbados. I should like to hear from any of my contemporaries. - David (Gus) Taylor

25/04/05 - This is to let you know that I will be attending this year's reunion lunch on July 9th. I will be accompanied by three guests, namely my wife Edna and friends Christopher and Anita Kelly. Will you please send me details of the reunion programme including times, places and costs. I am also considering attending the dinner but need more details before deciding. As someone who lives in Australia,I am disappointed that the Old Ilminsterians website has not been updated since February 05 but pleased to say, that with Malcolm Plaster's help, I was successfull in contacting two of my former classmates who still live in the Ilminster district. I will be departing Australia for the UK on May 26th after which time I will not have internet access. My contact details while in England are : [- with webmaster and Mike T -] I look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting with some of my old friends and former classmates from Ilminster Boys Grammar School at the reunion. The significance of 2005 for me is that it is 50yrs since I left the school. - Regards, Mike Wolfson

30/03/05 - Hi I was a boarder at IGS from 1945 - 1954. I have attended two re-unions of our class but would be interested to contact any of the Cross House gang from that period who were not in our class. I have retired from Rolls Royce Aero Engines and live in Derbyshire where I spend my time fishing and golfing. ( Sorry to hear Danny Maher has passed on, he was a great character!). - Regards Stuart Floyd

30/09/04 - I recently made my first visit to this website, thanks to my old friend John Jewell who gave me the address in 2002! It was pleasing to see a message in the Forum from Tony Head, an old friend and classmate of mine. Yes Tony, I would be interested in making contact. My name is Mike Wolfson and I left IGSl in 1955 and have lived in Melbourne, Australia since 1964. I am now retired from a career in defence science and technology and visit the UK every 2-3 years to catch up with family and friends. I am considering attending the 1905 reunion and would also like to make contact with any of my old classmates, such as John Masters, Peter Crossley, Brian Sparks, Michael Richards, Alan Cotty, Derek Farr, etc. Just send me an email. - Cheers, Mike Wolfson

03/07/04 - Grateful if you can add my name to the mailing list (I assume by email ?).  I attended IGS 1958-65.Mike Marks

04/06/04 - My name is Mike Davis and I finished  in the Upper Sixth  from Ilminster Boys Grammar School in 1963 . For the past 29 years I have been living in Oregon in the USA. I will be returning to England for a vacation with my family on June 19th until July 6th and will be staying with my brother Bob (also an IBGS student who left in 1958) I would love to hear from anyone I went to school with and plan a possible get together while I am in England.

July 03 - Class of '53 - Contact was established with 23 members of the class and 8 sent their apologies for being unable to attend the 2003 reunion. Five attended at lunchtime and a different five in the evening (see photos). If anyone wants to take contacts further please e-mail me - looking forward to seeing a few more on 17/07/04 - Malcolm Plaster.

08/07/03 -Yet another USA resident here, this time one of the younger Old Boys. I attended from 1966 until the closure of the school in 1971 and would be very interested in corresponding with former classmates. Thank you everyone who has been instrumental in preparing and maintaining this web site. I am on e-mail, thanks! - Kelvin Murray

04/07/03 - I will not be able to attend this years reunion but I hope to see you all next year on the 17th July! see you soon - Mike Harwood year of 51

03/06/03 - Afraid I'll have to give my appols for the 2003 bash, it's a long way from Oz for a session, but I will find time in the day for a cold 'stubby and think of days gone by. Wish all who attend well from me - Steve Fitchett

01/05/03 - I was at Ilminster from 1944 to 1950. Arnold Trott, Clive Reeves - that generation. I lived on Ham Hill at Stoke-Sub-Hamdon in those days. I left there some 40 years ago and I now live at Kingston Upon Thames. I hope I can make the reunion next year. - Regards Malcolm Bool

14/03/03 - I was a boarder at IGS from 1949-1954, and would be interested in contacting any of my classmates who might still be around. I have been living in the USA since 1966, and have just retired from an aerospace engineering career. My older brother Michael was three years ahead of me at IGS, and lives in Bristol these days. - Tony Head

17/01/03 - I was at IGS for three years 1966 to 1969, completing my A-levels in 1969. I now live in Missouri, USA and am an environmental consultant, having returned to the US in 1993; after living in London for many years.  I think of IGS often, and wonder what people are doing nowadays - what of Nutman, Baker, Praeter, Cole, Hemsley, and all the other names in what was an unusually large 6th form? Perhaps you could provide me with the email address of someone who might know  - Andy McCord

16/10/02 - It was wonderful to come across your site - but let's remember there was also an Ilminster Girls Grammar School - albeit without quite as much history ! - Maureen Cate

27/09/02 - Looking for pictures of merryfield air base in 1943-1944, also pictures of merryfield today. any pictures would be helpful. thank you - Charles Trimble

01/08/02 - Hi from California: This is Peter Allan, 1957-1963 who attended the dinner on July 13th at the Shrubbery Hotel. I must say I had a very nice time, and although I felt like the youngest "old boy" I did recognize a few people, at least their names. Most of us are losing some hair and gaining some girth. The Shubbery was magnificent and Stuart Shepard was a wonderful host. I hope that there will be a huge response to an APB for all 1957 starters in 2007 to attend the dinner!!!Once again, thanks for a great time.

04/06/02 - Nice to see the website concerning the old ilminsterians assoc. I am one of the class of 52 who will be attending, and I am sure that I will not recognise half of my class, as the years have taken their toll !!. Would it be an idea if we could have name tags, so that we can know who we are speaking to ! Just a thought. Now I am aware of the site I will visit it more often. Look forward to meeting everyone on the 13th July. - Best regards - Allen Day

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