Reunions :

            If you don't receive an invitation a month before any upcoming event, you might not be 'on the list' - so, contact the webmaster !

            Just in case - here is a copy of     'The 2021 September Reunion Invitation'

            * The 2018 AGM decided to move away from the previous re-union format of one day - Service; Lunch; AGM; and Dinner   and   to have two separate days. Each to take place in the middle of the day (Service and Lunch - June, and AGM and Lunch - October).

The Walking Group :

         This is now a 'very active' group - for details go to Other Clubs and activities at the School

Introduction :

Formed in 1932, the Old Ilminsterians Association continues to meet annually, opportuning the company of other Old Boys and acknowledging the entity which contributed so much to their formative years - Ilminster Grammar School !

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Association, and the four hundred and thirty year connection of the School with the Minster, the Association funded the design and fitting of a Stained Glass Window in St.Mary's Church in 2007.

The School ~ An overview of Ilminster Grammar School: its history from 1549, its buildings, their setting in the town, and some noteworthy characters.

The Town ~ Another website - gives details of the Ilminster, situated in the South of the English County of Somerset. ~ ( Use your 'BACK TO' button to return to us here!)

The Old Ilminsterians Association ~ Its formation through to its present day (informal) approach to re-unions.

Getting in Touch ~ Ex pupil? Most 'years' are represented at the re-unions - it is likely you know somebody!

The Forum ~ Have your say - or post a special request !

School Memories :

School Year-Photographs ~ A selection from 1924 to 2002, plus some 'Cock House' years.

School Year-Photographs Page 2 ~ Some more (recent ?) photos.

Abstracts from 'The Ilminsterian No.47' 1937

The School Syllabus - 1942

Fourth Centenary - Order of Service - 1949

Personal Recollections

IGS Sport ~ A term for each : Rugby, Football and Cricket - and still time left for 'other sports' (at present only a photo record)

The Army Cadet Force ~ Initially part of 'The Somerset Light Infantry' it changed to became part of 'The Royal Artillery' (at present only a photo record)

G3IGS and the School Radio Society ~ One of the clubs at the School, but with its members still communicating today - some thirty years following closure of the School. (with photos)

Other Clubs and activities at the School ~ A wide range of out of school activities and sports were provisioned by the masters and these were well attended.

Association Web Archive :

May 2011 - Message from The President

2011 Re-Union - Details and Invitation

2010 Reunion - The President's View - and Challenge

2007/8 - The President's view of the Year

2007 - President's Christmas Message

2007 - Re-Union Report ~ The New President's Day (with photo)

2006 - President's Christmas Message

2006 - Re-Union Report ~ The New President's Day (with photo)

2004 - Re-Union Report ~ How it went (from The 'Class of '54 perspective - with photo)

2003 - Re-Union Report ~ How it went (from The Outgoing President's perspective - with photo)

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