Christmas 2003

Now, as Past President, here are my recollections on our 2003 reunion, offered as a backgound to two photos of the event.

It was the twelth of July and a joyous crowd gathered outside the Minster in fine summer weather.The church was well filled for the service and the Vicar of Ilminster, Alastair Wallace did us proud. He is always very welcoming to us Old Boys and this year was no exception.

Following the service everyone drifted to the Shrubbery for the buffet lunch. For me, this is always the highlight of the day, not only because I enjoy buffets but because of the freedom to walk, talk, and sit with so many friends and guests. Notable among those attending were: Danny Maher, Tom Smith and his wife, Brian Gibson, Enid Sawyer and Mrs Cox plus the representatives from the Girls School. This year, we had a new guest - Gillian Gee, Head of Wadham School. The buffet was a very relaxed affair ending with groups drifting off into the town.

Whilst talking with Tom Smith he passed me a stack of cine films he had taken whilst at the School - of a couple of 'Sports Days'; and of an expedition to France led by Bruce Lang. I hope to check and convert them to a video with a view to having its premier at the next re-union on 17/Jul/04.

Reassembling in the evening for the AGM the Association members 'quickly' covered the normal business - with John Matravers being elected President for 2003/4 and Bryan Neath as Vice President.

After a break to maintain our fluid levels, dinner was served - to the high standard to which we have now so become accustomed. Between courses, and following custom, our resident MC, Stuart Shepherd, went through the 'Roll-call of School Years'. There was a good spread of years covered and, although some remain unpopulated with attendees, others provide a strong contingent, in particular the Class of '51. 2003, is special to the Class of '53 and five attended the dinner, two others only the lunch. Our guest speaker, Alastair Wallace, exposed to us his own schooldays.

I drove home up the A303 happily accompanied by a brilliant moon and a sky full of stars - those absent friends were still with me!


The Old Ilminsterians Dinner 2003 - photo by MT

The Class of '53 attending at lunchtime - photo by MWP


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