The Old Ilminsterians Association

Old Ilminsterians :

We especially want to hear from you - Old Ilminsterians:

a) if you are already 'a member of the Association' (i.e. on the mailing list) then please tell us what you think of your web site !

b) If you are not a member and wish to be added please let us know. (For those of a nervous disposition - you don't have to attend the dinner - we have a very informal buffet lunch and, if you wish, one of us will 'meet and greet you'.

Please make contact - there will be someone you know !

By E-mail :

To: [click here to do so]

This mailbox is only reviewed at monthly intervals - so please be patient if wishing a reply !

To post a short message on the 'forum' page is to send it to the above mailbox !

By Normal Post :

Write to the Honorary Secretary, please mark the envelope 'Old Ilminsterians Association' :

Mike Tutcher,
The Old Farmhouse, 24, Church Street,
Somerset, TA16 5PS

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